Saturday, March 1, 2014

Three Stories and a Fond Farewell

For this month’s 99-word story feature, I challenged writers to make up a story about a fight or argument that changed or threatened to end their relationship with their best friend. I received three contributions, and here they are:


by Jill Evans

The Devil sat on one shoulder, the Angel on the other. Ten pounds away from goal and that cupcake was staring me in the face.
“Eat it, then work out. Five hundred calories is nothing,” the Devil whispered.
“Eat it and your hips will look like a shelf. Trust me, I’m you’re best friend,” the Angel pleaded.
“I love cupcakes,” I said to the Angel.
“You never take my advice. Remember Dan’s party?”
“Don’t listen,” the Devil reiterated.
“I know,” I said and went into the bakery, emerging moments later with—of all things—angel food cake.
The Angel sighed.


by Jerry Giammatteo

“Why are you so ticked?” Pete confronted Mike, his erstwhile best friend.
“New Year’s Eve,” Mike responded.
“What about it?”
“Remember our party?”
“Of course; at least until about one a.m. After that, I don’t remember anything.”
“You bugged me about our vintage coin collection. You wanted to get a closer look.”
“You wouldn’t,” Pete protested. “You said it was worth too much.”
“It disappeared that night. I think you stole it.”
“How dare you accuse me?”
“Then who?”
“Macklin?” Haven’t seen him since New Year’s. I’ll call him.”
“Don’t bother Mike. He’s upstate doing fifteen to twenty.”


by Christine Viscuso

My best friend and I found each other on Classmates and she confessed as to why she never wanted to see me.
“Eliz, I can’t believe you didn’t talk to me for forty years because I dated Steve.”
Finally we agreed to meet over coffee. I gave the waitress my order and sat.
“I asked your permission before I started a relationship. You had broken off with him.”
“I know.” Eliz sipped her latte.
“After three months he broke up with me. Told me I wasn’t smart enough. That I didn’t graduate college. Was he worth our lost relationship?”


And now, friends, it’s time to say adieu. This is the last posting of 99-word stories on my blog until further notice. In fact, because of pressing work obligations, I have decided I must take a break from blogging for a while. I’ll still occasionally post an announcement or a few ideas or opinions about the Joy of Story, and I am scheduled to host a few guest bloggers to help them promote their new books. But as of now I am no longer committing to posting regularly on my blog each Saturday, as I have done for more than three years.

At this time I wish to thank all who have read my blog, and I especially want to thank all of you who have contributed to The Joy of Story, either by leaving friendly comments or by sending me stories to post.

Keep writing, writers, and keep reading, readers. And may all of you continue to find and celebrate the joy of story.

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  1. I'm glad to see Jill, Jerry and Chris here on Joy of Story once more and am delighted that you've hosted this challenge for so many months! What a great idea to take time out and refresh. We'll stay in touch.