Saturday, September 5, 2015


GREETINGS friends, readers, and fellow writers. It's been almost a year and a half since I last posted an entry on this, my blog, The Joy of Story. I'm writing now to let you know I'll be returning soon. I have new ideas for my blog. I plan to post at least once a month, but perhaps more often, given enough time. Here's what I expect to include monthly:

• A review of a book I've recently read or I'm in the middle of.
• A guest post by a fellow writer, allowing that writer to plug a book, new or old.
• A brief, entertaining, and opinionated essay on the craft of writing stories.
• A 99-word story by me.
• A writing prompt, inviting other writers (you!) to send me 99-word stories, which will be included in the following month's post, if they follow the rules.

Other occasional features:

• Humorous poems by my father, who died when I was two years old.
• Short essays reprinted from Black Lamb, a literary mag I contribute to monthly.
• Reviews of books recently published by my publishing company, Daniel & Daniel.

So please stay tuned!

I expect, if all goes according to schedule, to be back on the first Saturday in October. If you want a personal reminder when the time comes, send me an email at

Till then, keep writing, and take pleasure in the Joy of Story!