Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today, November 20, 2011, is the official publication day for my new novel, Behind the Redwood Door. It’s a mystery set on the North Coast of California, in Redwood country, where I’ve lived for the past eight years.

Behind the Redwood Door is a riveting tale of family feud and marijuana trafficking, bookstores and bars, a newspaper war, small-town petty politics, dark festering secrets, love, laughs, and, of course, murder. It’ll keep you awake, turning pages.

For more information about Behind the Redwood Door, see

So what am I doing to celebrate this birth? Plenty. I’ve already had one bookstore signing, last Friday night at Northtown Books in Arcata, California, and I have another signing set up for Saturday afternoon, December 3, at Blake’s Books in McKinleyville.

This week, I’ll be sending out email announcements of the book to friends, family, former students, and fellow writers.

And starting Friday, November 25, I’m going on tour! Well, not literally, but virtually. I’ll be part of the Murder We Write Blog Tour, visiting and holding forth on 14 blogs in 14 days. At the same time, I’ll be hosting 14 different authors, one a day, on my own blog. This has been a lot of fun for me to participate in. I’ve gotten to know my fellow “tourists” quite well from their forthcoming posts to my blogs, and in the process of posting my own thoughts to their blogs, I’ve come to know myself better too—and I’ve learned a lot more about what goes on Behind the Redwood Door.

So mark your calendar if you’re a blog-hopper. Here’s the line-up:

Guest authors featured on JOHN M. DANIEL's blog:
Nov. 25 – Pat Browning
Nov. 26 – Ron Benrey
Nov. 27 – Beth Anderson
Nov. 28 – Anne K. Albert 
Nov. 29 – Earl Staggs
Nov. 30 – Jinx Schwartz
Dec. 1 – Mike Orenduff
Dec. 2 – Marilyn Meredith
Dec. 3 – Jean Henry Mead
Dec. 4 – Jackie King
Dec. 5 – Timothy Hallinan
Dec. 6 – M.M. Gornell
Dec. 7 – Wendy Gager
Dec. 8 – Alice Duncan
Dec. 9 – Recap

JOHN M. DANIEL will be featured on these blogs on these dates:
Nov. 25 – Alice Duncan
Nov. 26 – Wendy Gager
Nov. 27 – M. M. Gornell
Nov. 28 – Timothy Hallinan
Nov. 29 – Jackie King
Nov. 30 – Jean Henry Mead
Dec. 1 – Marilyn Meredith
Dec. 2 – Mike Orenduff
Dec. 3 – Jinx Schwartz
Dec. 4 – Earl Staggs
Dec. 5 – Anne K. Albert
Dec. 6 – Beth Anderson
Dec. 7 – Ron Benrey
Dec. 8 – Pat Browning

By the way, during the Mystery We Write Blog Tour, I will be keeping track of the comments left for the guests on my blog. After the tour, I'll draw one name out of a hat, and that lucky person will be given a copy of my new book, Behind the Redwood Door, as well as a copy of my short story collection, Generous Helpings. But I'll need to contact the winner, so if you're interested, leave your email address at the end of your comment.

Meanwhile, I send my best wishes to you all for a Happy Thanksgiving!



  1. Congratulations, John! I've so enjoyed reading about your new novel as you've gotten closer to publication. I won't miss taking the virtual tour. Best to you!

  2. That's great, John. Congratulations! Your virtual blog tour sounds exciting, but exhausting. I wish you many sales!

  3. Thanks much to both of you, Theresa and Patricia. And Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Huge congrats, John!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday on Tuesday, and Happy Thanksgiving on Thursday. I also enjoyed your super interview with the UK's Morgen Bailey. What a week you're having! :)

  5. John: It has been great getting to know you and the tour hasn't even started yet. Only 5 days!
    Also, congrats on the new book!!!!!
    W.S. Gager on Writing

  6. Congratulations on publication, John, and may you have many, many sales!
    Sally Carpenter
    "The Baffled Beatlemaniac Caper"

  7. Always a good feeling to have a new book. Good luck and congrats!
    Stephen Brayton

  8. Thanks, everyone. It's wonderful to have such supportive friends.

  9. Congratulations, John. Great looking book. Don

  10. Happy Thanksgiving, John and Susan. I look forward to reading BEHIND THE REDWOOD DOOR and hosting you on November 30 for the "Mystery We Write" holiday virtual book tour.